Impact Of Covid 19 On E-Commerce Growth In Europe

CIO Review Europe | Tuesday, May 10, 2022

The E-Commerce industry has boomed up in the pandemic and has increased its business effectively throughout Europe. Noticing this many other physical stores are turning online and will continue to do so.

FREMONT, CA: Covid-19 suddenly struck in the year 2020, making people stay at home when the E-Commerce industry was ramping up and maintaining dominance. The facts mentioned below showcase how the pandemic has impacted the E-Commerce industry of Europe:

The average order value of the industry has increased

People shifted to online shopping as the virus urged them to maintain social distancing rules. This boosted the sales of online stores which increased the average value by 10-30 percent in the year 2020. The e-commerce industry has been effectively expanding its business throughout Europe since then.

More shops have gone online

Though food and beverages were traditionally sold online this sector grew during the pandemic too. However, lockdown and covid safety guidelines have prompted other stores too, such as grocery stores, to go online. The following countries have shown the highest increase in online shopping in the past few years.

In the year 2020, France's online sales increased to 22 percent, while the United Kingdom and Italy made 20 percent each. Likewise, Spain sold 30 percent of its goods online while Sweden and Denmark made 14 percent each of online sales. Finland could make up to 11 percent of online sales, while Poland, Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany produced up to 10 percent of online sales, while Norway only earned 9 percent.          

Reduced delivery deadlines

Consumers have accepted lengthier delivery delays during the pandemic than in prior years. Demands are lower since many consumers are aware of the struggle with manufacturers' late, or even delayed, supplies as a result of the pandemic.

Thus, even when the pandemic is completely over, online stores are likely to continue.

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