Importance of Implementing NetSuite ERP Integration

CIO Review Europe | Thursday, April 01, 2021

NetSuite functions well for business management, financial management, business intelligence, and financial reporting.

FREMONT, CA: NetSuite ERP software is an enterprise resource planning system managing several business operations and business functions with modules implemented on a true cloud platform. NetSuite provides real-time visibility for decision-making, taking action, and managing KPIs. Public and privately-held enterprises select to use NetSuite. Business profile and size range from private equity funded high-growth enterprises or mid-market companies to enterprise-sized Fortune 100 companies. The NetSuite is developed with scalability to help growth in users and the expansion of business requirements.

The number of software Suites powers the NetSuite software cost opted for and the number of users. NetSuite pricing is customized quotes. NetSuite is a mid-range to high-end ERP platform with a starting price less than high-end Oracle ERP and SAP. NetSuite cost comprises SaaS software costs, NetSuite training, NetSuite deployment, an upgrade to Premium Customer Support, and third-party add-on software costs. NetSuite integration with AP automation software is by API or flat file connection. Tipalti accounts payable automation software combines with NetSuite ERP using an API connection. Access Tipalti add-on SaaS software SuiteApp through the NetSuite login to streamline accounts payable and payments workflow and save time by up to 80 per cent, starting with self-service supplier onboarding.

NetSuite OneWorld is for global enterprises operating multi-nationally. OneWorld handles several subsidiaries and business entities with global legal compliance, multi-currency, and consolidation. According to the NetSuite OneWorld Guide, it is available upon initial implementation or as a one-time upgrade for existing NetSuite users. Once deployed, OneWorld is irreversible.  Oracle NetSuite offers high overall customer satisfaction and full customer help with an upgrade to Premium SuiteSupport.

Besides leveraging a NetSuite-certified consultant and trainer, resources to deploy and learn how to use NetSuite comprise the online NetSuite Basics guide, NetSuite videos on YouTube, NetSuite Role-Based Demos videos for the Controller, CFO, Operations Manager, CIO, Sales Manager, Support Representative, and Omnichannel.

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