Is Cisco the Catalyst in Business Cloud Adoption?

CIOReview | Wednesday, November 25, 2020

With the proliferation of applications, workloads and business services are becoming more distributed across the edge-cloud continuum, and organizations face new realities at the WAN edge.

FREMONT, CA: In the business environment, cloud-based services have become pervasive. So much so that, for enterprises, it is difficult to manage innovation without cloud technology. To put it simply, cloud technology is a utility model for businesses. They can utilize the services as per need, procedures, and applications and then pay for the amount being utilized. As customers look to implement an Internet of Things program, secure mobile devices, or get advanced analytics on their applications, Cisco will have a platform for them too. Cisco’s cloud strategy will work across multiple public and private cloud environments, making it a key player in the clouds' battle.

 Cisco’s new Wide Area Networking (WAN) edge platform helps customers accelerate cloud adoption and offer secure and automated connectivity to applications across cloud, data center, and edge. A foundational piece of Cisco’s intent-based networking portfolio provides customers with an innovative and high-performance routing platform. The latest platform provides greater visibility into network or application problems through built-in analytics and supports informed decision-making to optimize user experiences.Top CISCO Solution Companies

As businesses accelerate their cloud adoption and place computing power at the edge to run an extensive range of applications and enhance performance, IT teams are faced with increased complexity and less control and visibility over the applications. These hurdles are restricting agility and the ability to offer secure, connected experiences. The new Cisco Catalyst 8000 Edge Platforms transform the WAN edge, assisting customers to be more agile by offering automated and secure connectivity to applications across the cloud, data center, and edge.  

The new platform enables customers to adopt cloud solutions at their own pace. For those looking to adopt a Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) architecture, Cisco SD-WAN converges cloud-managed SD-WAN and cloud-delivered security into a single solution. For customers needing an on-premises solution, full-stack SD-WAN security is supported.  Cisco is the pioneer in technology that powers the Internet. Cisco inspires new possibilities by reimagining business applications, securing the data, transforming business infrastructure, and empowering teams for a global and inclusive future.

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