Key Benefits Of On-Premise Hosting For Contract Management Software

CIO Review Europe | Friday, April 09, 2021

If an organisation has available IT resources and infrastructure to install contract management software, an on-site deployment may be the most cost-effective approach.

FREMONT, CA: Cloud-based technology for Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) software has garnered a lot of popularity because of its benefit; however, organisations need to understand the advantages of selecting the primary method of hosting software, on-premise, to examine the positive effects and conclude. SaaS and on-premise deployment options are appropriate in their own way, depending on the organisation is looking. Here are five benefits of on-premise hosting for contract management software.

Control of Security and Backups

When software is deployed in-house, the organisation is in control of security as some feel more secure keeping their highly sensitive data on their servers behind a corporate firewall.

Update System

Organisations can choose whether or not they want to update their on-premise system when a new software is available. This means they can avoid updating the system during an inconvenient time for their team.


Organisational compliance standards need to be met when an appliance is hosted in-house. For highly regulated industries, it is sometimes preferred, or mandatory, for software to be deployed on-premise due to highly sensitive data.

Manage Everything In-House

An organisation hosts the software on its data center when it is on-premise, allowing their IT team to control the application and have complete access to make adjustments or changes to the system without needing to call or email a provider.

Annual Hosting Charges

A permanent license is usually included when an on-premise software is deployed. This allows the organisation to pay only once and use it without paying for recurring cloud charges.

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