Key to Success: Virtual Reality Coupled with Collective Leadership Approach

CIOReview | Monday, July 01, 2019


Technology, like VR, will have a crucial role in bringing about enterprise-wide transformations where the key is to process the skills and characteristics to lead in this ever-changing world of disruptions and changes.

FREMONT, CA:  In the current environment marked with the extremely dynamic market and technological transformations, businesses that recognize people and technology as the cornerstones of transformation will survive and grow. Companies are also getting increasingly aware of the importance of developing leadership within the organizations. Further, there has been an increase in the consensus supporting holistic methodologies such as the use of objective methods and measurements based on neuroscience. However, the major challenge is providing the employees with real real-life situations that are crucial for their preparations against the nuisances of the practical world.

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Implementing Proactive Leadership

Organizations are required to leverage teams and technology to prepare them for the change in advance. Most of the organizations find it challenging to enhance the connections among their employees while some are struggling due to lack of leadership resources. Incorporating virtual reality (VR) can revolutionize both, the team collaboration as well as the way leadership issue. With VR simulation, it’s possible for the employees to gain insights from several everyday scenarios such as asking for resources or discussing a member’s performance, disagreeing with someone senior to them, without anxiety that often accompanies the real-life situations.

Need for a Collective Leadership

The complexity of the current organizations has led to the growth of the idea of collective leadership. It is getting increasingly difficult for an individual leader (usually a CEO) to meet all the challenges within and outside the company. As a result, there has been a shift toward a leadership team that uses a consolidated approach that acts as a challenger, mirror, trusted advisor and even a critic to generate new ways of working and thinking.

The new way of leading combined with learning and technology will shape the leaders of the future. Such leaders will hold the capabilities to envision, transform, and disrupt their industries. Technology, like VR, will have a crucial role in bringing about such enterprise-wide transformations. The key is to process the skills and characteristics to lead in this exponential world of disruptions and changes, and those who will accept the challenge will thrive on causing more disruptions.

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