Leadership Development Program: What Are the Skills Required?

CIOReview | Wednesday, September 23, 2020


FREMONT, CA: Building a valuable leadership development program commences with furnishing leaders with the specific skills, tools, and practices they will need to assertively lead others and drive the performance of their organization or team. With the instance in mind, here are three skills an inclusive leadership development program should comprise.


Coaching is one best method that leaders can leverage to unleash the full potential of their direct reports. Coachable moments take place every day, and a leader with strong coaching abilities can seize these moments and turn them into priceless learning experiences. According to research, only three in 10 employees strongly concur there is someone at work who supports their growth. This ability can go a long way in optimistically influencing productivity and employee engagement. Bygone are the days of indistinct yearly reviews; employees today need feedback, motivation, and supervision in real-time, and leaders should be able to provide those things efficiently.

2 Accountability

Most successful leaders know that their success focuses more on their team’s performance than their own. They are no longer individual contributors and are held accountable for others’ actions and consequences along with their own, and should take responsibility for team outcomes–good and bad. By training heads on this significant distinction, one can ensure that they can competently define accountabilities and meticulously hold direct reports to the commitments so that everybody can succeed and produce the results they require.

3 Change Management

A business is not a static entity that can be suspended in time. Transformation in the marketplace, company growth, employee turnover, and countless other factors add to ongoing changes. Whether the alterations feel like a ripple or a tidal wave to workers, leaders should be prepared to propel them through the change, which requires training leaders to administer change before it ever even happens. Additionally, change management training needs to be part of any leadership development program to make sure that leaders can control the power of vision, offer strong leadership during any period, and capitalize on the transitional times to enhance performance.

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