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CIOReview | Thursday, December 19, 2019


FREMONT, CA: Chatbots are gaining more popularity these days, and they are bringing new ways of running business operations. Chatbots have become the latest addition to the bag of business strategies. Chatbots technology, gaining more power, have enabled themselves to take more complex roles, including acting as a useful tool to mass participation event organizers. This shows that chatbots have the potential to revamp event experience and facilitate smarter event management for the organizers. See what chatbots can do for event organizers.

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Traditional communication channels such as email and organic posts on websites and social media are not enough for event organizers to pacify customer queries. A chatbot is a perfect tool for event organizers to send and receive information from event participants and audiences. Chatbots can also enter into personalized and automated communication with the audience pre and post event. Chatbots can send push notification to share new event information or gain valuable audience feedback for post-event evaluation.

From an event point of view, the starting time of the event is when participants and the audience need to know event information as quickly as possible. A chatbot gives participants an easy way to get the right event information quickly. Event entrants may still have questions that an event website itself does not answer, and they often find it convenient to ask than to research websites. Here, chatbots act as a super navigation assistant to the current information. With artificial intelligence working in the background, the information a chatbot provides will always be relevant and up-to-date. Although a chatbot cannot manage all customer service requests, it can be used to deal with many of the routine event queries. One of the most significant benefits of a chatbot is its constant availability. Audience expectations are high today, and event participants are no different in expecting a quick response. With a chatbot, event organizers can offer service which is available 24 hours a day even when there are no service assistants at the desk. Chatbots can also be enabled to understand multiple languages, which is very useful when organizing global events, which requires multilingual customer support.

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