Problems That Are challenging African And European leaders

CIO Review Europe | Thursday, March 11, 2021

The leaders of the 27 European Union countries are rolling out the red carpet for 40 of their 55 African Union counterparts at a big summit in Brussels on 17th and 18th February 2022

FREMONT, CA: Although officials in Europe knew the European Union was not well-known in Africa, it was not until they commissioned an in-depth poll that they discovered the union was at best a footnote, with China and the United States cited as key partners. To begin correcting this, they launched a glitzy multimillion-euro marketing campaign in many African countries, boasting how ordinary young Africans have benefited from European generosity. The leaders of 27 European Union countries rolled out the red carpet for 40 of their 55 African Union counterparts at a big summit in Brussels on 17th and 18th February, 2022, which Europeans aimed to support the message that the relationship between the two continents is now a partnership of equals.

The European Union's razor-sharp focus on preventing Africans from moving to Europe, as well as its refusal to back Africans. This further requests for the release of vaccine patents to combat the spread of Covid-19, are the most significant, while new funding plans are vague and aspirational. The New York Times obtained a draft joint declaration by the African Union and the European Union, which indicates in edit trace where each delegation amended the suggested wording, exposing the fracture lines. According to the draft paper, African Union members want the joint declaration to express their support for the waiver of patents on Covid-19 vaccines, which African leaders would rather create themselves.

The European Union, which has long opposed such demands, suggests that they settle for more bland language and agree to engage constructively toward a comprehensive solution on trade and health. The European Union has contributed 148 million vaccine doses to African countries so far, with a goal of 450 million by this summer. Some investment in African vaccine manufacturing is beginning to take shape, but it will take years to see the outcomes. At the same time, the majority of EU individuals have received their third vaccine dosage, but just about 10 percent of Africans have had all three vaccine doses.


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