Rigid Public Sector Protocols Hinders Innovation, Say Some SMEs

Justin Smith, CIO Review Europe | Monday, March 21, 2022

AM Bid has designed Ultimate Tender Coach to help SME’s get through all the difficulties they come across in the process of public procurement. It will help them to get the contracts their businesses are capable of delivering.

FREMONT, CA: AM Bid, creators of a new digital training platform designed to provide SMEs with the skills they need to secure public contracts, conducted research reflecting the challenges in the industry. The SME sector's chief complainants when assessing tender qualification requirements for public contracts include satisfying arbitrary minimum turnover figures and demonstrating previous public sector experience.

In most of the other grievances, understanding and navigating the complexities of the procurement process accounts for 46 percent, onerous compliance requirements account for 48 percent, and pre assumed short deadlines make up 41 percent. AMBid's managing director, David Gray, points out that a large number of business leaders feel stifled by the method public procurement procures new ideas.

Public sector companies often go out to the market to identify appropriate, but new approaches to solve problems and to introduce new ways of thinking. There's a common perception that, despite potential profitability, public procurement is time-consuming even if many public procurement bodies do it extremely well.

According to Gray, the research reflects that the vast majority of SMEs look at the public procurement process as a daunting challenge. While improving SME interest towards it, the sector is working to eradicate some of the barriers. Grey said that in order for SMEs to acquire the skills needed to conquer contracts, AM Bid has built Ultimate Tender Coach which is an innovative digital learning program trusted by public tender winning experience and feedback from SMEs with over 40 years of experience.

In the UK, 99 percent of business activities are SMEs, and the UK government is committed to giving 1 euro in every 3 euros of public procurement spend to SMEs by 2022. By reaching this goal, the UK public sector would save around 12 percent of the 290 billion euros it spends annually on procuring goods and services.


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