Simplifying Cloud Migrations with Citrix Cloud Innovations

CIOReview | Saturday, December 26, 2020


Citrix is investing I advanced solutions to help succeed firms in their cloud journey, supporting the strategy that automates and optimizes their hybrid multi-cloud footprint.

FREMONT, CA: The business landscape is in constant evolution, empowering customers to access unlimited data at the behest of the omnipotent internet. The digital revolution has ushered in potential from business leaders' hands to the demands of customers as today's competitive environment offers enough impetus for options. A requirement is built for diligent insights into consumer behavior to get added leverage. This, besides the demand for a comprehensive system t

hat collects information, channelizing it to the optimal ways, is what has brought innovations like a cloud into the foray. Citrix solutions give users the choice to operate an on-premises environment and, over time, scale into the cloud at users' own pace. Here is more about the strategy and innovations of Citrix and how businesses can accelerate their cloud journey with Citrix Cloud.

Citrix has made major investments in innovation organically and with significant cloud service providers to help enterprises pursue their unique cloud strategy with ease and confidence. Citrix has focused on the scale to rapidly support organizations moving to their cloud of choice rapidly, managing workloads anywhere, on any infrastructure, and boosting on-premises resources. The company has prioritized security, so cloud environments are as safe as on-premises. Citrix also emphasized reliability and performance to make sure a great end-user experience.  Providing customers with maximum choice has been the navigating principle. Citrix gives the flexibility to run some workloads running on-premises, some in AWS or Google.

By handling the control plane, Citrix moves the burden of upgrading and management from customers, allowing them to stay current with the latest innovations and take their values in their environments. Citrix Analytics, autoscale, and Citrix Application Delivery Management service assist enterprises in automating and streamlining cloud implementations, balancing cost and user experience while optimizing application delivery performance and security throughout the hybrid-multi-cloud environment. Optimizing Citrix infrastructure in the cloud will help automate and streamline the delivery of all workloads with Citrix ADM service.

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