StandardVision Installs StarTracker Device

CIO Review Europe | Tuesday, May 04, 2021

Mo-Sys Engineering is installing a StarTracker device in the Loa Angeles studio of StandardVision.

FREMONT, CA: Mo-Sys Engineering, the global leader in precision camera, tracking solutions for virtual studios, and augmented reality, installs a StarTracker device in the Loa Angeles studio of StandardVision. This vast facility, which includes an LED studio for virtual development, develops on StandardVision's unrivaled experience designing and installing large-scale displays.

StandardVision has an impressive reputation in architectural lighting and digital media, both creatively and technically. From the modern airport in Doha, Qatar, to Hong Kong, projects were completed in California and worldwide. StandardVision's importance is in integrating and installing industry-leading technologies and creating compelling visual content for the displays.

StandardVision Studios, located in the heart of Los Angeles, has a 10,000 square foot studio with a green screen and an LED volume for producing display content as part of their creative services. The Mo-Sys StarTracker framework has been added to these screens, allowing all forms of virtual processing.

"Alongside work for our own clients, we found we were being approached by movie and television people who wanted to try out ideas," said Alberto Garcia, CTO of StandardVision. "Our plans for the studio matched well with theirs, particularly around the Unreal Engine for virtual environments."

"We needed to precisely place real cameras into virtual worlds," he explained. "We looked around, but it was clear that Mo-Sys had a strong reputation in the industry due to StarTrackers precision and operational resilience. The producers we have coming in recognized Mo-Sys as the way to go, so it was a simple decision to choose StarTracker."

StarTracker, which uses a random pattern of reflective dots called "stars" on the studio ceiling, is commonly recognized as the industry pioneer in camera tracking technologies. The StarTracker camera has 6-axes of movement and can be precisely positioned in three-dimensional space. The precision lens data allows the CGI elements to be distorted to fit the camera lens, resulting in even more realism.

"StandardVision is a remarkable company, developing creative solutions on a massive scale," said Michael Geissler, CEO of Mo-Sys. "We are very excited to be working with them on their studio, and we look forward to further challenges in the future."

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