Strategic Advantages of Technology to Multiply Sales

CIO Review Europe | Friday, February 11, 2022

The world of business has become more competitive than before. To put the business in a position to succeed, one must take advantage of technology to increase sales

FREMONT CA: With the increase of competition in today's business world, technology is a must to get a strategic advantage. One can save time, produce more leads, and improve the conversion rate if the right tools are used. To track individual aspects of the website is the first way to use technology. Heat maps are specialized tools for determining which portions of the website attract users' attention. When users visit that particular website, they will notice that it is well-designed and easy to navigate. It is easy to observe if the viewers interact with the images, read out the text, and watch the videos by keeping track of their dwell time. This is significant because it allows us to identify which portions of the website are performing well, which are not, and what needs modification.

Technology can track specific users' actions using IP addresses to see who is visiting the website and which pages are being looked for. It may provide information about the items and services the users are interested in, and this data can also be used to upsell or cross-sell certain products to them. It can also be used to determine which visitors are truly interested in purchasing products and services.  Ultimately, moving prospects along the sales funnel in real time becomes easier. One way to accomplish this is to automate interactions with potential visitors and customers. Some systems can scan content from chats and determine who requires additional attention and who is not interested in purchasing. Customer service professionals can cost a lot of money to hire and train.

These are just a handful of ways technology can assist in growing a company.  It is not easy to attract every customer, however, technology can help concentrate and prioritize customers as per their needs and wants. It genuinely helps to determine who is interested in purchasing who can expand the profit margins while maintaining a competitive market presence and improving the conversion rate.

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