Technologies that are Shaping Healthcare Arena

CIO Review Europe | Sunday, January 17, 2021

Fremont, CA: Healthcare is one of the most important and dynamically developing industries. The relentless demand for innovation improved results, quality, affordability, and affordability have made this industry one of those brimming with new opportunities and innovations. Technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), medical internet of things (IoMT), big data, blockchain, telemedicine, and virtual reality (VR) are transforming this sector.

1. Telemedicine

Telemedicine will help further bridge the gap between rural and urban areas. One of the main advantages of telemedicine over traditional methods is that it eliminates contact between patients, health care providers, and other patients. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the use of telemedicine resources has been a real breakthrough. Real-time counselling is available in various ways, such as real-time chatting, video call, and voice call through remote treatment. For the convenience of patients, family planning and pre-pregnancy support are available through telemedicine.

2. Virtual Reality (VR)

VR is already affecting the medical field in a variety of ways. VR has three main medical applications: diagnostic, therapeutic, and educational resources. VR is a potential method of pain relief during childbirth. It also helps patients to overcome depression, cancer, autism, and vision therapy.

3. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI can analyse and decipher data in far more sophisticated and distinct ways than the human mind, providing highly accurate data for efficient and accurate diagnosis. Some other AI applications are image-guided therapy, data-driven speciality preventive medicine, closed-loop drug delivery, life support systems, and robotic surgery.


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