The Advent of Digital Health

CIO Review Europe | Monday, February 08, 2021

The paper focuses on the diversification of Digital health and the challenges and questions that must be resolved before accepting it

FREMONT CA: Digital Health is a diversified phenomenon covering improved diagnostic techniques utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI) to provide quick and efficient care directly to the patient. Initially, the Digitalization of Healthcare can streamline documentation and transmit significant patient info, logs, data, and records with minimal interruption. On a larger note, Digital health has claims and documentation that could prove mighty useful to patients on checking their health, chronic conditions, medicine accessibility, and mobile treatments in the most distant areas, among many other benefits. On the other hand, healthcare providers get hold of collecting data and records for important markers, symptoms, and screening that would help build a massive, extensive database for AI that could provide an increasingly precise result each time. Thus, Digital Health is completely a medical invention, a medical instrument, a research and development tool, and even medicine itself.

Digital Health involves expensive equipment and ongoing operations thereof. Governments would need sealed strategies to ensure that digital health bridges the gap between Healthcare in varied economic layers as envisioned and not broaden it. Large savings and proper provision of resources are essential to ensure Digital Health does benefit-rich urban clinics and elevates a nation’s Healthcare as a whole. Nevertheless, Digital Health has possibilities and uses that would have been unimaginable just a few decades ago.

Digital Health has become a revolution that must be fully embraced and a phase that will push Healthcare to a brighter, anticipative future. But at the same time, it is a novel path that must be followed lightly, challenges of economic disparities, privacy issues, and unchecked use that must all be addressed and regulated as they move forward in this new era of Healthcare.

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