The Rising Demand for Adoption of Devops in the Healthcare Sector.

Justin Smith, CIO Review Europe | Sunday, March 15, 2020

Around 73 percent of healthcare organizations have implemented DevOps in the sector, which is a significant development from 2017 data.

FREMONT, CA: The crucial factor for the healthcare sector's success has been the significant role of IT in allowing and facilitating change has been, with DevOps adoption, cloud use, and cross-platform database development all expanding significantly, as per the analysis from Redgate Software report. The poll of over 3,000 IT professionals from all industries in the United States, Europe, and Asia Pacific gives a deeper dive into the contrasts and similarities that exist within and across industries, with surprising findings surfacing for those in healthcare.

For instance, 73 percent of those in healthcare have now implemented DevOps, up from 70 percent in 2019 and a significant increase from 2017, when the average take-up across all industries was only 47 percent. Cloud use in healthcare has also increased spectacularly, growing to 55 percent in 2021 from 42 percent in 2020. This is tempered for the following year, when the rate of growth is predicted to slow, with just 42 percent of those in healthcare anticipating a further gain, compared to 50 percent in other industries.

When compared to other sectors, the research also revealed developing discrepancies in IT teams in the healthcare industry that are implementing a DevOps strategy as part of their digital transformation activities. While they are slightly behind in terms of DevOps methods such as version control and the automation of testing, builds, and deployments, for instance, healthcare IT is more confident when it comes to database development. Although 51 percent of respondents deploy database updates once a week or more often, compared to 47 percent in other industries, the percentage requiring hotfixes remains the same, proving that speed does not come at the expense of efficiency and in report similar confidence is mirrored in other areas as well.

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