To digitally transform water infrastructure Bahrain prefers Nokia Technology

CIO Review Europe | Thursday, December 30, 2021

Bahrain's Electricity and Water Authority is implementing Nokia technology to improve the country's water distribution network.

FREMONT CA: Nokia technology is used for modernizing the water distribution network by Bahrain’s Electricity and Water Authority. Al Muharraq in Bahrain and a private LTE network for industrial connectivity will be in the first phase of the project. There are currently 500 secondary substations connected to the central location, as well as six primary substations, in the initial phase of the network. The solution will be based on 3GPP standardization on 410 MHz Band B87. This project will prepare the way for smoother adoption of IoT products and smarter devices in the future.

The company’s technology bestows reliable and ultra- high-speed broadband wireless networking to convenient customers, said Kamal Ballout, head of Nokia Enterprise, Middle East, Africa, China and India at Nokia in a press release. Private LTE is allowing utility firms globally to untangle network management and use automation to bring down costs, added Ballout.

The second phase of the project, the network will connect thousands of secondary and hundreds of primary substances around the country. Bahrain is a Persian Gulf island nation with 50 natural and 33 manmade islands. Muharraq is a Bahraini city with small lanes and ancient houses.

Recently, the United States reported that climate change has increased the frequency of drought. City planners had to face increasing demand for water from residential, industrial and ecological sectors in the short-term and the long-term. Water use expert Dragon Savic said that water is measured less than other systems which would make it harder to manage. The American Society of Civil engineers mentioned that every year billions of dollars are needed to repair and replace outdated pipelines, pumps, storage facilities, and treatment plants that provide clean water deliveries to homes and businesses and safely transport sewage and rainwater.

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