Top Applications of Data Integration

Paul Jhon, CIOReview Europe | Friday, May 14, 2021

Many industries can benefit from data integration solutions as it offers methods to combine data from various sources that help companies deliver better value to customers.

FREMONT, CA: Data integration is the first step toward realizing its full potential. When businesses have all of their information from various sources in one place, they can easily extract valuable intelligence from it. They can use these insights to guide their decision-making and provide value. In short, those insights are what allow businesses to gain a competitive advantage.

It is hard to overstate the importance and transformative power of data integration for businesses. They will allow companies to utilize customer data to nurture more robust relationships, ultimately drive revenue, and even change how they conduct business with their partner network.

Here are some of the most popular real-world data integration examples that will prove more knowledge about it and how it helps businesses. 


Forgery is becoming a common problem in the financial industry. Financial institutions, like banks, can detect, eliminate, and prevent fraud if their data is integrated. AI and other transformative technologies can assist financial institutions in mining data for anomalies and outliers, allowing them to detect and prevent fraud from impacting customers. If the data is fragmented and siloed, that particular type of intervention is not possible.


Access to as much information as possible is required for healthcare treatment and care facilities. When that data is dispersed, the quality of treatment and care can continue to suffer. Data integration platforms enable these facilities to integrate every patient data into a single comprehensive record quickly. It allows organizations to produce the best results possible. Integrating patient data helps healthcare organizations in controlling costs, improving outcomes, and promoting healthcare and wellness.


In marketing, it is necessary to provide immense attention to detail. Communication will suffer if various departments are not fine-tuned. As a result, messages would not reach the target audience at the appropriate time. It is easier for the numerous consumer information to become unmanageable, resulting in failed campaigns and wasted marketing budgets. Data integration can assist them in keeping their data organized, correct, and updated.

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