Transformation of Digital Sales with OneClick Connectivity OptionsEricssons IoT Accelerator

CIO Review Europe | Thursday, February 24, 2022

By offering plug-and-play simplicity, it has become easier for enterprises to engage and benefit from the world of IoT connectivity instantly.

FREMONT CA: IoT Accelerator is a cellular IoT platform that enables communications service providers (CSPs) and businesses worldwide to scale their IoT businesses over tens of millions of devices. It is a new service from Ericsson that brings this capacity to businesses and development projects of all sizes. Ericsson IoT Accelerator Connect gives businesses instant access to cellular IoT connectivity with only one click. The major challenges impacting the success of IoT projects are difficult, complex, and time-consuming. By automating business processes and transforming digital sales, IoT Accelerator Connect handles these challenges within the Iot ecosystem and serves user requirements.

IoT Accelerator Connect provides a unified layer of packaged services for organizations, reducing complexity for enterprises. However, developers have rapid access to a connection tailored to their individual use case, coverage, and service level requirements, as well as automatic device and data destination bootstrapping. Developers can grow from one device to millions of devices in minutes with the right tools.

Devices can be connected at any moment, together with end-to-end device onboarding, with a cellular IoT-ready module that connects the subscription to the customer's preferred network right away. Furthermore, the system simplifies the connection of devices to public cloud endpoints. The IoT Accelerator Connect program promotes digital transformation across the IoT ecosystem. Ericsson channel partners can easily onboard more businesses and expand their business. Module vendors can provide bootstrapping, the automatic connecting of newly powered-on devices, while hyperscale cloud providers can provide rapid connectivity.

IoT Accelerator Cloud Connect enables enterprises to automatically and securely connect cellular devices to public cloud IoT endpoints such as Amazon Web Services and Azure.

The IoT Accelerator Device Connect module simplifies the deployment of IoT devices with pre-integrated eSIMs immediately localized to a CSP partner's network, allowing businesses to adopt cellular IoT connections swiftly.

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