Various Kinds of Collaborations Prevalent in the Modern Workplace

CIO Review Europe | Tuesday, June 01, 2021

The internet has set the stage for employees to collaborate and share information easily and conveniently.

FREMONT, CA: The internet has transformed the workplace forever. Today's world is a digital workplace, and technology can help in doing the work that did not exist a generation ago. The focus on developing new technology has not taken away the requirement for humans to communicate with each other, however. The business world still needs to collaborate to complete a variety of tasks. Here is what collaboration in the workplace is and some kinds of collaboration used by modern businesses.

Team Collaboration

This is a common type of business collaboration in the workplace. Here, all the members of the group know each other. Each person knows what their responsibility is and how it impacts other team members. There are set deadlines to get tasks completed within a set time to reach the team's goals. With this type of collaboration, a team leader is in charge of supervising the other team members. The team members partner on an equal basis to complete their tasks.

Community Collaboration

Here, the participants share an interest. The objective is often to share knowledge and learn, as opposed to completing work together. The community may share concerns by asking questions and receiving advice. Upon getting the advice, the members return to their offices and share it with their teams. In this type of business collaboration, members may be at the same level. However, experienced members of the group can have more status with junior members.

Network Collaboration

Network collaboration varies from the types of business collaboration. It begins with individual people taking action on self-interest. They start contributing to the network and their expertise known to other members. Probably everyone in the network don't need to know each other. They depend on referrals to find out who they should be partnering with among network members. Social media platforms are examples of network collaboration where the network members partner virtually without necessarily knowing each other personally.

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