VRdirect Releases Update for VRdirect Studio- Version 2.5

Dr. Rolf Illenberger, CEO, VRdirect GmbH | Tuesday, August 17, 2021

VRdirect Studio update includes new features for companies to integrate VR with their business effectively.

FREMONT, CA: VRdirect has released a new version of its platform, VRdirect Studio – Version 2.5. This update contains numerous new features which allow companies and large enterprises to integrate Virtual Reality into their business processes more effectively.

The new version now supports WebHooks with individual session IDs, connecting existing VR environments to external applications more efficiently. Also, users of VRdirect Studio are now able to create deep links that directly target specific scenes and other VR apps. The update also includes new controls for video elements, user experience improvements, and various bug fixes.

New features enable better integration within and outside of virtual reality applications.

The new version of VRdirect Studio allows enterprises to integrate VR applications more effectively into existing IT infrastructure. For example, the solution can now transfer individual session IDs via webhooks, i.e. URLs transmitted when certain events occur. This allows events triggered within a session to be flawlessly assigned to the respective user session and passed on to other applications, such as an analytics tool, a shopping cart or a support chat system.

Now large companies and corporations that have established many systems along their processes can use VR much more efficiently. Connecting different VR applications has now also been made easier: via so-called deep links, users can now directly jump to individual scenes or other VR projects. This allows jumps between scenes within a VR application and switching to a completely different application.

More controls for video elements, UX improvements and various bug fixes

Another part of the update is the possibility to activate controls for videos within the application. This means users can now independently start, pause or stop videos, giving them more control over their VR experience. The controls can be activated or deactivated directly in VRdirect Studio for background videos in scenes as well as for video objects.

Additionally, all settings for interaction and time events that can be triggered in an application have been reorganized and are now combined in a single view. This makes it easier for users to find all the necessary options. At the same time, VRdirect fixed numerous bugs in the new version.

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