What are the Different Technologies Used in an Advanced Call Center?

CIO Review Europe | Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Advanced call center technologies will drive customer service operations into the future and ensure that organizations are prepared to fulfill consumers' ever-increasing demands.

FREMONT, CA: Technology advances at a breakneck speed, giving contact centers features that would have been unthinkable just a decade ago. Natural language processing, machine learning, and other kinds of artificial intelligence (AI) are incorporated into advanced call center systems to make firms smarter and enhance their ability to give distinctive, proactive, and personalized customer service.

Advanced call center solutions are often cloud-based, giving businesses the flexibility and scalability they require to respond quickly to transforming business conditions, unforeseen catastrophes, and changing consumer demands.

Advanced call center systems also include unique features that aren't available in older apps. This feature can be used to train and inspire agents, enhance operations, provide clients more channel options, and many more.

Examples of advanced call center technologies


Bots are AI-enabled devices that imitate human speech to converse with people in a natural, conversational manner. They can be used in various channels, such as online conversation, private social messaging, and interactive voice response (IVR). Bots can speak in text or orally due to natural language processing, and machine learning helps them become intelligent over time.

Bots help provide self-service for simple transactions and can also provide answers to frequently asked queries. They can also be used in conjunction with agent help for a more efficient encounter.

Interaction analytics

Interaction analytics, a cutting-edge call center solution, enables businesses to do precisely that. This AI-powered analytics solution can filter through 100 percent of interactions to uncover key contact drivers, rising problems, customer sentiment, and even provide phone call transcripts.

As interaction analytics can estimate customer sentiment, it gives a far more meaningful representation of quality and customer happiness, which can be drilled down to the individual customer or agent level. This enables call center managers to provide more targeted agent training and reach out to particular clients who exhibited irritation or anger during the last interaction.

Agent assistants

During customer interactions, AI-powered automated agent assistants support agents with problem-solving initiatives. Agent assistants employ natural language processing to listen and analyze the discussion as it unfolds. They can gather data and potential solutions from a variety of sources and deliver them to agents. Agent assistants can also make recommendations for the following actions and help with administrative tasks.

In today's contact centers, agent assistants are pretty important. The encounters with agents are becoming more complex as self-service transactions increase and clients solve more of their simple issues.

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