What are the Features Enhancing ServiceNow Platform?

CIO Review Europe | Monday, June 21, 2021

ServiceNow is gaining popularity due to its potential to solve IT problems and management. Developed to manage and present everything as a service, ServiceNow helps public, private, and modern enterprises operate smoother & faster, and more malleable than ever.

FREMONT, CA: ServiceNow is a cloud-based software platform that meets ITIL Service Guidelines and provides ITSM (Information Technology Service Management), IT Operations Management (ITOM), and IT Business Management (ITBM). It improves work by defining, structuring, managing, and automating assets and services while breaking them into a small business. ServiceNow focuses on cloud-based operations, portfolio management operations and allows users to perform various services and processes such as handling priority tasks, incidents, project management, problem management, and customer support through add-on and integrated plugins. ServiceNow is a complete workflow automation and enterprise service management platform in this era. It has a unique ability to integrate with CRM, ITSM, FSM, HRIS, VMware, Airwatch, etc. It also makes integration, customization, features, reliability, etc., more flexible. The following features enhancing the platform are:

Employee knowledge

ServiceNow provides users with a single portal with a consistent, consumer-like experience for all service requests. ServiceNow customers can provide consumer-like mobile experiences for any application built on the Now Platform for employees to work first, anytime, anywhere.

Managing time cards

ServiceNow provides users with a time card to help record and track their assigned task time such as projects, problems, requests for changes, incidents. This plugin allows users to identify their actual effort spent on specific tasks.

Low development of code

Non-traditional application developers, business analysts, and IT generalists can create codeless workflows or flows using a new, natural-language environment and intuitive user interface, allowing consultants to focus on business results rather than developing or coding them.

Smart automation

Machine-learning capabilities are directly infused into the Now Platform and are accessible to all cloud services and other ServiceNow-based applications. Artificial Intelligence technology helps customers create a working roadmap and quickly provide self-service and multi-step problem-solving.

Now Platform Services

This platform allows users to customise according to their needs. The service as abstracts database management/SQL, java/javascript server-side, javascript/HTML/CSS/UIUX client side to manage your IT needs and needs. Most commonly used to wrap around IT asset management, delivery management, service management, operation management, risk management, customer relationship management (CRM), HR services, and more. ServiceNow not only helps users complete 75% of their work as soon as they set it up, but it also has a very open, friendly architecture so users can easily integrate it into different systems or processes otherwise not represented.

ServiceNow's business model is Software as a Service (SaaS). The most significant benefit of being cloud-based is that there are no links to a local resource, and it can quickly scale across multiple networks. In ServiceNow, users are free to select the interface they are comfortable with, and it also involves systems to define, automate and manage well-structured business services.

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