What are the Important Features in a Google App Engine?

CIO Review Europe | Monday, August 30, 2021

Adopting the App Engine is a smart decision for the companies as it will allow them to innovate and stay valuable.

FREMONT, CA: Building applications in the cloud is gaining popularity because it allows businesses to expand their growth while maintaining availability, security, accessibility, and scalability. But they will need appropriate cloud computing technology to begin developing web applications. Google App Engine fills this gap by enabling businesses to build and operate web applications on a fully managed serverless platform.

Google App Engine can be described as a Google Cloud Platform service that allows businesses to develop highly scalable apps on a fully managed serverless platform.

Is Google App Engine a PaaS (Platform as a Service)?

Google App Engine is a PaaS, or Platform as a Service model, cloud computing technology that allows developers to create scalable apps on the Google cloud platform. GAE's greatest strength is its ability to handle built-in apps in Google's data centers.

Organizations will only have to focus on one task: developing cloud-based applications. The App Engine is responsible for the rest of the process, including providing the platform and managing the applications.

Significant Features of Google App Engine in Cloud Computing

Collection of Development Languages and Tools

For developers, the App Engine supports various programming languages and allows them to import libraries and frameworks via Docker containers. Every programming language has its SDK and runtime. Users can develop and test an app locally using the SDK, which includes tools for distributing apps.

Traffic Splitting

As part of A/B testing, the app engine dynamically routes incoming traffic to alternative versions of the apps. Depending on whatever version of the program works best, users can plan the subsequent increments.

Fully Managed

Google lets businesses upload their web application code to the platform while it takes care of the infrastructure. By setting the firewall, the engine guarantees that the online apps are secure and operating, protecting them from viruses and attacks.

Effective Diagnostic Services

App scans and bug detection are made more accessible with cloud monitoring and logging. The app reporting document aids developers in quickly resolving bugs.


The app engine operates on a pay-per-use basis, which means users only pay for what they use. When the application's traffic increases, the app engine automatically scales up resources and vice versa.

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