What are the Smart Solutions for Smart Cities?

Justin Smith, CIO Review Europe | Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Smart city models are being adopted by a lot of cities to manage challenges that come with urbanization through sustainable solutions.

Fremont, CA:Smart cities are a framework, primarily made up of ICT, in which urban planning and sustainable development techniques are designed and applied to handle the growing issues of urbanization. An intelligent network of linked items and equipment feeds data back into IoT applications via wireless technologies and the cloud. Smart cities, aided by Big Data, utilize this information to execute initiatives that increase efficiency and improve residents' quality of life.

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According to a survey by the OECD (Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development), the global population would have increased to 9,000 million people, with 70 percent of them living in urban areas, by 2050. As a result, there is a simple need to optimize the operation of cities and increase their management efficiency.

As a result, a large number of communities are adopting the Smart City paradigm. Last year, the overall investment in this sector was roughly 124,000 million, according to the Statista research. Although some of the leading cities in this trend, such as Tokyo, Singapore, or New York, are taking global initiatives, the majority of the progress is being made in terms of the cities' individual settings. Smart solutions are intelligent services to measure and control the basic demands of a Smart City, and there are four key areas of solutions to implement:

Smart people

Citizens' smart solutions entail optimizing the services provided to them, keeping in mind that co-habitants are essential in co-constructing a better city for all. Informational Mupis, citizen cards, citizen Apps, and social Wifi are examples of these solutions. Its goal is to improve communication between various parties.

Smart living

Intelligent fire detection systems, video surveillance, air conditioning, and sports facility management are examples of smart solutions for homes and daily lives. Its purpose is to maximize the citizens' quality of life.

Smart environment

Smart systems for controlling environmental quality, agriculture, garbage, photovoltaics, lighting, weather stations, and water supply are among the smart solutions for the environment. It aims to increase energy efficiency and environmental quality in cities.

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