What Factors Influence the Future of Contact Centres

CIO Review Europe | Sunday, December 27, 2020

Contact centres have an exciting year in 2021.

FREMONT, CA: Businesses are still grappling with the events of 2020 while also meeting customer demands for improved customer service and experience. In 2021, several contact centre trends are expected to emerge; the most significant is the shift to cloud contact centre software.

Some factors that shape the future contact centres are:

Rules governing flexibility

Flexibility reigns supreme in contact centres in 2021. Contact centre managers discovered this in 2020 when a global pandemic forced the closure of contact centres worldwide. Employees and agents were required to work remotely. Contact centres that had already invested in cloud contact centre solutions were best positioned to make that transition. Cloud contact centre solutions enable contact centres to maintain business continuity by eliminating the need for agents to work with on-premise hardware or software.

Contact centres have become a company's new front lines

Along with sending agents home, 2020 ushered in a recent trend: contact centres are the company's front lines. Due to the closure of many businesses' physical locations or the inability to deliver their products or services, customers flocked to contact centres at an alarming rate. In 2020, contact centre volume increased by 20 percent over four months. Utilising a robust cloud contact centre solution is optimal to address the enormous increase in demand for contact centre services. It enables agents to manage a high volume of customer inquiries regardless of where they are located.

Agents in contact centres demand a more positive employee experience

With contact centres experiencing a dramatic increase in customer inquiry volume, it's unsurprising that agents are stressed. They desire a more positive experience that allows for greater flexibility in both location and hours worked. Cloud contact centres enable employees to work remotely, working from home or any other convenient location. Additionally, cloud contact centre technology allows hiring top agents from any site globally, thereby expanding the potential talent pool from a small group of agents based in a single geographic location to a global talent pool. 

Customers expect a superior experience

Customer experience managers in contact centres are attempting to overcome obstacles in the customer journey. That, however, is not possible if they do not have the appropriate solutions in place. A cloud contact centre solution improves the customer experience by equipping agents with the tools necessary to address customers' needs. A cloud contact centre integrated with a unified communications solution provides users access to an internal directory that includes a presence indicator, connecting with company experts. Additionally, cloud contact centre solutions enable file sharing, enabling customers and employees to exchange information to help resolve issues quickly. Additionally, cloud contact centre solutions leverage technologies such as virtual hold to ensure that customers do not have to wait an extended period on the phone for assistance. Customers can leave their phone number, and an agent will call them back as soon as possible.

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