What is App Gamification?

CIO Review Europe | Monday, May 10, 2021

Firms can improve traffic and user interaction by integrating gamification into the app.

FREMONT, CA: Gamification is a useful method for attracting, engaging, and retaining users. One does not even need a gaming app to use these strategies to be applied to virtually any app. Furthermore, behavioral psychology should include an ethical hook to keep them involved while the business uses this effective strategy.

App gamification is the practice of adapting game dynamics concepts to mobile games to entice consumers to use them again and again. It encourages a habit-forming degree of commitment when performed correctly. An initial stimulus, an intervention, a variable incentive, and finally a drive to keep using the product are all part of the loop. Firms can improve traffic and user interaction by integrating gamification into the app.To incorporate this into the app, start with basic design elements and then move on to the gamification workflow. The following are examples of traditional design elements:

Points—Basic perks a user gets for accomplishments.

Badges—Visual representation of a user’s accomplishments that indicate performance.

Performance Charts—Graphs that display how well one has done in comparison to previous results.

Scoreboards or Leaderboards—Lists with rankings equating a user to others during a period of time.

Progress or Levels Display—Areas of the app that become more complex as the number of users grows.

Currency—Means of ‘payment’ for benefits.

Each of these design features originated in games, but they can be extended to various other apps.

Any app design must consider the user’s experience, and a thorough understanding of behavioral design is needed. Understanding where behavioral design and UX design intersect is crucial to making a good app great.

Gamification as a Tool for Increasing Engagement

Borrowing elements from games and combining them into the app design is an effective strategy to bolster current users’ engagement, boosting the app’s ‘stickiness.’ It can be beneficial for increasing the number of users, particularly if the app allows users to share content on social media. People enjoy sharing apps they like, and word-of-mouth ads can help grow the user base. As a result of the social impact, integrating social sharing improves interaction.

Using several gaming design elements is a good idea since different people react to different items. Some people want validation through incentives, while others are competitive and want to know where they stand compared to others. One can cater to a broader audience and keep them coming back for more by integrating several gaming design elements into the app. These triggers help in the development of a strong relationship between users and the app, as well as attracting and retaining users.

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