What to Consider Before Choosing a Digital Asset Management Solution

CIO Review Europe | Thursday, November 18, 2021

Summary: DAMs make it easy to find and manage an organization's assets, but in order to get the most out of them, the DAM solution must be carefully chosen.

Fremont, CA:Digital asset management software is virtually always a requirement for creative teams because it greatly reduces the need to manually communicate asset links with other employees or stakeholders: There's no need to respond to asset requests or share updated assets every time a file is modified. However, because DAM systems organize all types of digital files in a central repository and make it easy to exchange, cooperate on, and update digital assets, they can benefit all departments. The majority of DAM solutions can be tailored to fit an organization's specific needs. Add-on capabilities, integrations, and open APIs are integrated into many of the top digital asset management systems so that teams may sync their systems and utilize their DAM as a single source of information for managing and distributing digital assets.

Considerations to make before choosing a digital asset management solution:


DAMs can be quite costly by the time an organization finishes adding users, selecting add-on capabilities, and selecting cloud storage space. Check for software that includes complimentary guest seats and look past the initial sticker price to see how much it costs when it includes all the requirements.

Ease of use

It's simple to understand and use a DAM system with a clear, intuitive design and uncomplicated capabilities. DAMs with a clumsy user interface and excessive functionalities may be difficult to navigate for all of the company users.

Collaborative tools

When teams have simple means to communicate about asset modifications, where assets are shared, and how assets should be used, they work more efficiently. Look for application that enables teams to make asset comments, add brand guidelines to asset descriptions, and examine asset metrics and version history.


When it comes to implementing a digital asset management system, there are two primary challenges to overcome: 1) ingesting and categorizing all of company's assets, and 2) educating company's personnel to use the software. DAMs with good customer service can help with onboarding and deployment to ensure a smooth transition.

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