Why Businesses Must Plan Migration to Cisco UCM Cloud?

CIOReview | Friday, September 11, 2020

UCM cloud provides today’s businesses with a flexible and advanced platform to their digital transformation needs.

FREMONT, CA: Today, countless enterprises are moving into the cloud at record speed, discovering the benefits of flexibility, scalability, and infinite opportunities. While the cloud might be the future of communication and collaboration, it can also be complex to plan and deploy a successful migration from on-premises systems into the future of cloud computing. Just because the cloud is vital to digital transformation doesn’t mean that it’s always easy to embrace it. Businesses first need to overcome certain issues with third-party applications and integrations, geographically dispersed PSTN partners, and even security and compliance constraints. Fortunately, Cisco is there to make moving into the cloud easier than ever.

Cisco, a pioneer in communication and collaboration technologies, knows better how difficult the cloud's transition can be. That’s why Cisco has worked so hard at developing an all-in-one solution to make the cloud transition journey easier for everyone. The Cloud UCM solution from Cisco is intended to boost the digital transformation process for organizations of all sizes. Cisco’s Unified Communications Manager Cloud is the recent addition to the Cisco cloud communications portfolio. Operated and hosted by Cisco, the platform offers an easy way to upgrade transition into the cloud and create an efficient digital workforce. With the UCM platform, firms can migrate to a familiar communications user experience, avoiding costly change management and employee training.

With the Cisco UCM cloud, organizations of all sizes can reduce the disruptions and roadblocks that prevent excellent and efficient collaboration in the workplace. The cloud-based solution also makes it easier to embrace and enjoy the features available from Cisco, while simultaneously using existing infrastructure and endpoints. UCM Cloud means that firms can continue using their existing PSTN agreements and gateways while easing procurement and taking advantage of various trade-in or migration programs. Additionally, businesses will have the benefit of an organic path to cloud migration available too. The Cisco UCM Cloud solution ensures that organizations can avoid hurdles and replace migrations as they strive to unlock a cloud environment's benefits.

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