Why Ecommerce Platforms are Adopting NetSuite

CIO Review Europe | Thursday, April 22, 2021

Organizations are investing in NetSuite and ecommerce platform to outperforming their competition in the market. 

FREMONT, CA: By providing a solid infrastructure base that allows the data to flow efficiently across the business processes, NetSuite can help to manage financials, inventory, pricing, payments, clients, taxes, billing, suppliers, and more.

Difficulties of Having Separate Systems and Benefits of Integrating Solutions

If companies run a more significant ecommerce site than a mom-and-pop shop, they will want to have complete control of their business operation systems.

One of the main benefits of utilizing NetSuite as an ecommerce solution is providing a continuous flow of data. Companies will be able to use this data to optimize every aspect of the business as it expands and automate operations that scale the infrastructure.

Separating the ERP and ecommerce sites presents several significant challenges. The first is that commodity and inventory data will be processed in two different places. Some ecommerce sites process orders every 10 seconds, while others only process a few every day.

Not having accurate inventory levels will lose sales.

Customers might not be able to order anything listed as Out of Stock online, but it may have arrived in the warehouse only seconds before.

Customer management is another problem for separate systems. This is more of a problem for ecommerce companies that operate as business to business (b2b). They must keep track of customer-specific pricing, catalogue pricing levels, sales history, and more. All this real-time data will be easily accessible through an integrated platform with NetSuite.

Integrating ecommerce with NetSuite is the best solution. There aren't any situations that come up often as exceptions to this rule. If the company is growing, it will have a lot of data that needs to be automated for unique business processes. Due to its high versatility and ability to customize, NetSuite does this better than any other accounting applications.

Few business models are so rigid that they don't require software versatility. Scaling the company needs a centralized location to control inventory, pricing, clients, reporting, financials, and other significant components. Companies that invest in their NetSuite and ecommerce platforms outperform their competitors simply by putting themselves in a position to scale with a robust tech infrastructure.

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