The Importance of Custom Field Service Software

CIO Review Europe | Thursday, May 20, 2021

Custom field service software enables organizations to get to the root of field technicians' challenges, beginning with research and journey mapping to find pain points and opportunities for optimization.

FREMONT, CA: To keep pace with the increasing need to maximize efficiency, field service management firms must use technology to enhance operations. However, outdated and disconnected field service management (FSM) technology comes with costs. Increasing the productivity of field technicians to mitigate costs and drive revenue is a strategic imperative for any enterprise with a sizeable mobile workforce. It is no wonder that the FSM software market is evolving even faster than the technology market overall. For several FSM companies, the first step in leveraging technology to boost efficiency is investing in a field service management platform that comes with out-of-the-box features like scheduling and standard work order creation, saving dispatchers and technicians' time.

When building field service management technology, it is vital to focus on the product's end-user: technicians and dispatchers. FSM software should modernize workflows, removing unnecessary steps and tasks wherever possible to boost efficiency. This process begins with journey mapping and research, outlining every technician or dispatcher's decision during a job. Leveraging interviews with the technicians and dispatchers responsible for doing the work and observing first-hand how the job is done, a journey map can be produced, with hurdles and opportunities for improvement identified.

Employee tools and technologies are critical for having poorly designed UX, mostly because the software product is meant to address a very broad market requirement. However, in the end, it's part of the job. So employees learn to utilize whatever tools they are offered and even learn to work around the limitations of the platforms. Building and deploying field service management software isn't something that's done once and put to bed. Like all software development, it's a process of iterations, continually embracing changing business and customer requirements.

The requirement to optimize workflows and increase productivity leads to the deployment of field service management software. Digitizing tasks, enhancing data collection, and increasing automation increase the likelihood of the technicians completing more jobs each day.

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